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ENGLISH- 2nd grade


The INTERVIEW is when you ask questions and answers.
We study the interview in the class:  First, we study the vocabulary, then we use it in some activities and finally we talk in English. Look at the video!

The next step: let's interview some children of another school… (projecte TR@ms)

We speak in English with another school. The name of the other school is Sant Jordi. We speak with them by groups using the laptops.  We have got some problems with the voice  because we repeat the questions.We ask some questions, for example:
  • What's your name, 
  • What's your favourite food, hobby, colour, animal...
  •  How old are you, 
  • When is your birthday, 
  • Can you speak Catalan or English, 
  • Where do you live,
  •  Have you got a brother or sister, have you got a scooter 
  • Do you like ice cream....

Our opinions of this activity are: It's a good experience because we speak in English and it's an important language,  now we have got more friends in another school, it's the first time we speak using the laptops, it's funny to watch the other school in the laptop, we thought that this activity was difficult but it's easy.
Bye bye!

2nd Primary

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