dimarts, 12 d’abril del 2016

Busquem paraules al diccionari!

El diccionari és aquell amic oblidat que les noves tecnologies han desterrat! Però mai va malament saber com funciona!!! És ben divertit!!!

dimecres, 6 d’abril del 2016


On Tuesday, we do an extra activity in the class. We talk with children of another school....in English! The children of the school "sant Jordi" live in Vilassar de Dalt (we look for them in the google map). We go to the library by pairs and use ipads. We ask and answer some questions that we study in the class. For example: What's your favourite hobby?, Have you got a brother or sister? Where do you live?, When is your birthday?... Our opinions are that it's a funny activity because we talk in English and also we can see other children but we don't like when they say " Can you repeat, please?" all the time or when they can't listen our questions.